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SALE at Poleitical Clothing!

Psst…we’re having a little sale over at Poleitical Clothing!!!

In honor of Small Business Saturday (and all of the other crazy post-Thanksgiving shopping in the US), we are offering 10% off anything in our shop if you use the coupon code SHOP10 at checkout! The sale runs from 12am Friday 11/23/12 until 11:59pm Monday 11/26/12 (all Pacific Standard Time). Not valid on previous purchases or with any other discount. One code per person.

Please remember that if you live internationally, we DO ship outside of the US! Here is a breakdown of how that works:

We do ship internationally! Since we have two options for shipping out of the US, we ask that international customers send us a message through Etsy when they are ready to order, so that we can set up a Reserved Listing specifically for them, with the correct shipping. (You’ll need to have a profile/account on Etsy, but it is super simple and FREE to create a shopper profile.)

To ship outside of the US, we have two options: USPS First Class Parcel mail and USPS Priority Flat Rate mail. First Class is cheaper, probably around $10 USD, but there is no tracking available and it takes a little longer. Priority is around $17 USD and is faster, allows for tracking.

If you would like to order, please write us back with your shipping choice, item(s) you would like to order and size(s), and we will get a Reserved Listing set up especially for you. Once it is set, we will send you a link!

So, stop by our Etsy shop at and support Small Business this weekend!!





Lyra: secret cross-training

I was back in my regular Lyra class today, and it got me thinking about the benefits of picking up a second aerial art. Pole is hard on the body. It’s a beautiful sport, but it’s not an EASY sport – the bruises, the conditioning required, the knots you get in your shoulders once you start inverting regularly and going aerial…it’s not gentle. So, adding a second form of aerial seems insane. More pain? More bruising? More stiff muscles? And, with Lyra, you add in occasional scrapes from the hoop, plus terrible calluses – it’s on par with when I started using the 45mm pole more often, but almost worse, because your hands are not only callused, but rubbed raw all over.

Now, I don’t tell you this to dissuade you – because I LOVE Lyra. It has given me more than I expected. For one, it renewed my love for pole and my interest in pole. For a while, I felt like I had plateaued in pole – I was working the same tricks over and over, trying to get them solid, but not feeling like I had clear progress from week to week. Was I better than I was a year ago? Yes, for sure. But even six months ago? I wasn’t sure. I wasn’t loving the process of learning anything. I just wanted to get to the next level. I think plateaus are pretty common – it certainly wasn’t my first with pole.

Cut to Lyra. I found myself LOVING the process of learning (which I found carried over to my stretch and flex class, too – the ridiculous smile I have on my face when I’m in there – that is, when I’m not in pain – is hilarious). I loved that the conditioning from pole helped to make me better. I loved that things just made sense to me. I loved the feeling of success that came with it – the feeling of getting a trick again!

All of that happiness while learning was something that I brought back into pole, and I think it has re-energized me. I’m happier in class, I’m more interested in learning new tricks, and I walk away from class with a higher level of satisfaction. I really believe that I owe that to Lyra.

In addition to the mood and outlook changes, Lyra has also helped to cross-condition me. I started the classes while still healing from my dog bite injury from my day job, and it accelerated my ability to use my left hand in the old ways. I still have some lingering pain or weakness, but overall, it’s great. The grip required for Lyra is different from pole, and there is often less direct pressure placed on the hand, but the strength of grip is better – because the hoop is smaller than the pole, the grip required causes my hand to contract in a way that strengthened it faster. It’s been great.
Lyra has also really helped improve my back and shoulder strength. Prior to the classes, I had a lot of issues with straight leg inverts – my back would tweak whenever I did certain tricks, and I would abort the mission for fear of hurting myself. Since starting Lyra – and getting a pull up bar to do Lyra shoulder shrug conditioning at home – my back is A LOT better. I try to do shoulder shrugs every night, to help with it. The added strength has helped me with going aerial. I’m still not 100% solid, but I’m noticeably better than I was two months ago.

I look forward to seeing what else it holds for me. If I can muster my discipline (oh, to have it…it’s not my strong suit) and be diligent about working on my flexibility, I hope it’ll help me advance in both pole and Lyra. 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll keep happily trying new tricks – and, of course, taking photos whenever possible.

In these photos, I’m wearing the sexy tank from our Poleitical Clothing collection – it was great for the class! It stayed in place well, even during inversions, and the length kept my tummy covered for photos. 🙂

Poleitical Clothing Contest with Pole Dancing Adventures!!

I’m so excited to share that the wonderful Leen Isabel, creator of the adorable Pole Dancing Adventures comic, is running a contest on her blog in conjunction with Poleitical Clothing! Here are the details:


Pole Dancing Adventures Giveaway!


To enter, head over to the PDA blog and follow the steps in the contest widget! The direct link to the post is

There are multiple ways to enter, which means more chances to win!! One winner will receive a Poleitical Clothing shirt, tank top, AND shorts – a $68 value!!! The contest is open to US and International contestants! The full rules, terms, and conditions are listed on Leen’s site – please be sure to check them out! Contest ends at 12:01am on October 27th, 2012!

If you aren’t already a fan of PDA, you can “like” Leen’s fan page for her artwork here:

I promise, if you look through the PDA blog, you’ll absolutely fall in love with her work!!!

California Pole Dance Championship 2012

[updated with new video 10/12/12]

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to be a vendor at California Pole Dance Championship – not only did we have a great launch for Poleitical Clothing, but we also ended up with killer seats thanks to Anjel Dust! It was such a great night – being a room with that many people who love pole dancing is amazing. The joy for it is infectious – I’m always fascinated to see the differences between the competitors, to see what speaks to me, to see what tricks people bust out. It’s so much fun!
I did a live tweet of the show after seeing Natasha Wang post a shout out, requesting that someone post updates – figured it was an easy thing to do, and the pole gals who were not able to attend might like it! While I missed a couple of the early competitors because I was still selling at our table – and I was without a program, so I butchered some of the names (sorry, ladies!) – I still tried to add a little something about each performer. I created a Chirpstory of my tweets, if anyone would like to check it out! (The embedding isn’t working on here, but if you click on the link in the previous sentence, it’ll take you there.)

Congratulations to all of the competitors – you were all SO inspiring and amazing to watch. For those who missed it, the results were as follows:

~Professional Category~

  • 1ST PLACE – Nadia Shariff
  • Runner Up – Mary Kolacinski
  • 3rd Place – Sergia Louise Anderson

~Amateur Category~

  • 1ST PLACE – Lily Huang
  • Runner Up – Stacey Craven
  • 3rd Place – Uyen Hoang

Most Athletic – Nadia Shariff
Most Flexibility – Sergia Louise Anderson
Most Entertaining – Nadia Shariff
Most Artistic – Mary Kolacinski

I will post some videos below of a few of the performances!

As I mentioned earlier, Poleitical Clothing had a successful launch at the show! We sold a number of items, actually selling out of one size of the shorts! It was so lovely to meet everyone that stopped by the booth, from David C. Owen to Leen Isabel from Pole Dancing Adventures – we had a blast! Thank you to everyone who came by and purchased something! For those of you who were not able to make it to the event, we do now have an online shop open on Etsy: (our website is still under construction). We’ll be re-ordering for what we’ve sold out of and should have it in soon, and we’ll be updating the listings as soon as we have some better photos! We will also be switching up some of our stock to include other styles in the near future! For now, here are our three staples: the comfy tee, sexy tank, and perfect pole short!

Poleitical Clothing KEEP CALM line: comfy shirt, sexy tank, perfect pole shorts

And, now for the CPDC videos!

First up is Amateur Division winner Lily Huang. Apologies for the quality of the video – the song is SO gorgeous (the cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” that was used for the trailer of the film The Social Network), but the screaming from the gals nearby is earsplitting. I’m serious. Consider yourself warned. Unfortunately, a head is also blocking the view for a portion near the end, but you can catch what she’s doing on the video feed displayed on the wall in the back. It’s a beautiful performance! I can’t wait for the professional video!

Next is Pro Division winner Nadia Shariff. She was the crowd favorite to win, especially after coming in second the last two years. She’s a ton of fun to watch! I loved her opening combo – such a bitching move.

Here is my favorite performance of the night, from Mary Kolacinski (aka Mary Ashton). Stunning!

And, last but not least, I gotta give a shout out to my pole mama, Drea Roers! We were all so proud of her. She had a couple of costume malfunctions that prevented her from doing a few things in her routine, but she worked around it, gave it her all, and presented a beautiful performance.

Love you, Drea!!

The Jenyne Tumble

If you’ve watched a lot of Jenyne Butterfly performance videos on YouTube (God knows I have), you know she’s amazing. She has such astounding control in everything she does. One of the things I have seen her do a lot is a specific “tumble” down the pole, and every time I see it, I’m equal parts impressed and envious. I don’t think I’m alone in that respect. 🙂

While watching elite competitors, I tend to automatically look for the tricks I know how to do, or tricks I think might work for me, in hopes I can learn them or perfect them, or learn how to effortlessly put them into a dance (as opposed to, “Okay, gonna invert now.”) The Jenyne Tumble is one of those combos that I didn’t think I’d be able to do for years. Literally. It just looks so hard to me!

Cut to class last night at TPG. With Drea absent from teaching (Happy Anniversary!), Jo was subbing. We had a small class, since none of our usual students showed up for whatever reason – it was me and a gal doing a make up (Michelle). It was SO their loss! We had a great class with the three of us. Jo ran us through some spins, including a few I hadn’t learned, which was fun, and then she worked with us on the Iris (I think that’s the name?), which I had learned the week before with Drea – it’s a variation on extended butterfly:

Learning the Iris

As you can see, Drea is spotting me in the first attempt, but I moved along to doing it on my own by the end of the class! I got it fairly quickly for me – it was good to try it again in class this week, too! It comes from the extended butterfly (which I’m doing with twisted grip), and once you’re in that trick, you bring your outside leg back to the pole, hooking at the top of the foot/toes, then you bring your inside leg down into a tuck/crunch inside your upper arm. It’s a pretty pose, and if you’re strong at aerial, you can throw it into an aerial sequence. I think it’d also be pretty on spinning pole. I’m not quite strong enough in my aerial to include it in a combo, but I’m close!

The big project of the night, however, was learning the Jenyne Tumble. She does it in this video around the 1:58 mark:

So pretty, right?

Now, on my first attempt, I got confused after the sit on what to do with my bottom arm and aborted the mission. Second attempt? Quite nearly fell on my head. Jo had to catch me, and she did so about a foot off the ground (Thank you!). My mistake in that run – after watching her break it down again – was that I released my top leg before securing my lower arm. So, you know, DON’T do that. 🙂 But, I kept at it, and by the third or fourth time, I was so much better! I damn near cried when I got it right after falling. Persevere, y’all. Anyway, this video was my final attempt at it. While I still have work to do on making it fluid, as well as on the control issue (I’m still shaky on the “leap of faith” moment in the middle), I’m still thrilled that I went from falling on my head to being able to work through it. 🙂

Also, if you’re curious: I am wearing the new tank and shorts from our pole apparel line, Poleitical Clothing! We had a great launch at CPDC, and I’ll post on that soon. But, in the meantime, check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Etsy, which is where you can purchase items from us! The full link for the online store is here: We’re still working out the kinks in that system (i.e. delivery costs), but it is open for shopping! I also am wearing my wrist wraps from Vertical Swag, which have been helping stabilize my wrists while I work on aerial, and my heart rate monitor to track calories – that’ll be a new post soon, too!

Announcing the launch of Poleitical Clothing!

I’m so excited to announce that POLEITICAL CLOTHING, my apparel company with my friend Courtney, is launching this weekend, at California Pole Dance Championships!

Poleitical Clothing


We’re SO excited to be vendors at the event and hope to see you there! We are scheduled to have our new tanks, shorts, and a limited amount of tees available for purchase at our booth. In the meantime, please check us out online:

Our website – – is not yet up and running to take orders, but it will be soon. We’ll be posting photos of our items on Facebook and Twitter, so if you see something you like, please email us at poleiticalclothing  [at ] gmail [dot] com to purchase or to be added to our mailing list for future items!