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How is this even possible? My heart rate monitor gave this reading as my calorie burn from tonight’s class. I let it run a little longer, waiting for my heart rate to drop, but still…

Sneak Peek!


Here is a sneak peek of the shorts we will be selling this weekend, at California Pole Dance Championships! They are super comfy, provide great coverage, and have sides that scrunch & tie, so if you’re feeling cheeky, you can adjust them for a little more skin!

Urban Pole in the U.P.


On vacation this week, in Upper Michigan (in the upper peninsula, so waaaay up north). Not much opportunity to do pole, but managed to find a lonely little swing set next to Kitch-iti-kipi, which is Michigan’s largest freshwater spring. It’s located in a state park near our place. Poling in jeans, in 60 degree weather? Not as easy as I’d hoped! 😉

Twisted handgrip Ayesha – working it out



It’s no secret that I have been working my twisted handgrip for a good long while – every class, I knock a few out, looking for that elusive lock, especially on the pencil. Some weeks, it feels solid; other weeks, I struggle to get it to go.

This week, I found myself repeatedly listing to one side in the ayesha, but couldn’t correct the swerve – the counter balancing was not happening. Naturally, I was frustrated, but hey, that is the nature of working a trick.

Cut to our class freestyle, where I busted out my twisted handgrip ayesha and held it with no problem, then took it up to pencil!!!!! It worked all of the sudden – maybe it was the flow of the moment in the song, I don’t know – but it was awesome. I was so thrilled.

Little victories, y’all. Savor them.