Urban Pole in the U.P.


On vacation this week, in Upper Michigan (in the upper peninsula, so waaaay up north). Not much opportunity to do pole, but managed to find a lonely little swing set next to Kitch-iti-kipi, which is Michigan’s largest freshwater spring. It’s located in a state park near our place. Poling in jeans, in 60 degree weather? Not as easy as I’d hoped! 😉

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  1. awesome pole spirt! i always find bit hard to do some pole moves with normal clothing heheh

  2. Love it! Wherever I go now I catch myself scoping the area for poles I can pole on should the urge arise! 🙂
    Also, gripping the pole with pants on :O magic! I will master it one day, need to build upmy strength some more to get to thatp oint.

    • I do the same thing! Doing it in pants is so hard – I was really just using my arms to keep myself in place. I can’t wait to feel strong enough in my aerial to be able to just do that when urban poling – or to be able to do a handspring!!!

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