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Poleitical Diaries linked in recent KPCC article!


KPCC’s Paige Osburn just finished her article on pole dancing after her visit to the Pole Convention, and it has gone live! Please take a moment to check it out on the Southern California Public Radio site:

Aaaaaaaaaaand Poleitical Diaries is linked in the article, mid-way through the piece! The “pole diary” blogs link will take you to me! Hi to any new readers!

I have spoken at length with Paige about pole dancing and many of the facets related to it, so it’s really wonderful to see the finished product of all of her hard work!

Congratulations, Paige! And THANK YOU! xoxo

I know I owe a post on my experiences at the PoleCon – maybe tonight I will get it done??? 🙂

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I’ll leave you with an old favorite of mine…

tee hee…an oldie, but a goodie!

Pole Convention 2012

LA is hosting The International Pole Convention of 2012 from Friday, June 22nd to Sunday, June 24th, at The Los Angeles Airport Marriott, 5855 West Century Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90045. There are three types of passes offered: full access ($139), limited access ($99), and the Showcase to the Stars ONLY ticket ($40). There is no single-day entry pass, much to my disappointment – with PPC having taken up a huge chunk of my resources (still recovering), I can’t afford much in the way of extras when it comes to pole right now. Class is my priority, so it isn’t currently in my budget to be able to swing even the limited pass…BUT, I will be volunteering on Saturday! I’m excited to have the opportunity to help out, as well as the chance to walk around and explore the convention on my breaks! Most of the workshops with the pole stars are sold out – and they’re quite expensive – but there are some free/less expensive workshops available throughout the weekend, if you want to check them out! There are also certification programs available! I plan on taking some pics and updating about my experiences – and, yes, I still owe the PPC post about what it took to compete – I’m stubbornly waiting for my professional photos and video before I update (I’m also IMPATIENTLY waiting for them).

Also, Living Social has a great deal on tickets to Cirque du Soleil’s IRIS – nearly half off! Get them before the sale ends/they sell out! I’m looking forward to going – with my new found admiration of silks and lyra, I am finding that most circus/acrobatic stuff fascinates me. 🙂