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Poleitical Diaries linked in recent KPCC article!


KPCC’s Paige Osburn just finished her article on pole dancing after her visit to the Pole Convention, and it has gone live! Please take a moment to check it out on the Southern California Public Radio site:

Aaaaaaaaaaand Poleitical Diaries is linked in the article, mid-way through the piece! The “pole diary” blogs link will take you to me! Hi to any new readers!

I have spoken at length with Paige about pole dancing and many of the facets related to it, so it’s really wonderful to see the finished product of all of her hard work!

Congratulations, Paige! And THANK YOU! xoxo

I know I owe a post on my experiences at the PoleCon – maybe tonight I will get it done??? 🙂

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I’ll leave you with an old favorite of mine…

tee hee…an oldie, but a goodie!