Gumby, I am not.

I’m not flexible. That’s really no secret. I have a hard time with most tricks that require flexibility, and even with some tricks that require ordinary flexibility (i.e. shoulder flexi-ness). I stretch occasionally, but not nearly as often as I ought to. Recently, inspired by some of the polers I follow on Facebook (like, I bought ankle weights to work my middle splits.

Uh. That shit HURTS.

I had my boyfriend take a couple of photos of my stretches tonight, in hopes it can help me track my progress. I also am working on my regular splits, which are varying degrees of meh. My right is bad, but my left has some hope – it’s better than the right, anyway! The warm up that we do in my Monday class with Veronika has opened up my left split a bit more, and it’s definitely made me believe in the possibility of getting that split.

Here’s to deepening splits! Who has great tips for deepened flexibility, splits or otherwise? Would love to hear suggestions!! 🙂



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Actress, writer, consumer of too much sugar, cat mom, dog auntie, pole enthusiast, amateur foodie, local explorer. Often mouthy, occasionally political.

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  1. Oooh ankle weights sound hard. Good for you! Flexibility training is tough. I know the flexines have group online training sessions together throughout the week. It can help to have flexy training buddies. check them out

  2. I follow Pole Struggles on facebook ( She has some flex tips as well 🙂

  3. You know? I have exactly the opposite problem… I have a kind of “Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome” (Hypermobility), so I have a lot of flexibility but not much strenght nor control over it… Even though I have a very mild level of it I means my joints can dislocate easily if I’m not careful… So I guess nothing is good in excess :p

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