You like me! I like lyra! Everyone likes The Last Goodbye!

Well, somebody likes me! A very special thank you to Pole Moves for including my blog on their list of Pole Dance Websites. It’s nice to feel the love! And, thank you to anyone who submitted me for the list! I went to submit myself and found out that they already had me down! *blush*

If you haven’t seen this video yet, it’s been making the rounds, and it is GORGEOUS. I was a little thrown by the editing at first – not used to seeing a performance edited – but it quickly won me over, not only for the sheer beauty of the dance, but also because I love the storytelling aspect of it. Coming from acting, it’s something I really appreciated and enjoyed about the clip. Huge fan of this creation – I have no idea how many times I’ve watched it, but the song is now downloaded, and I’ve sent the video to Drea for trick breakdowns. 🙂

Stunning, yes? I adore Marlo. I had never seen Kyle before, but he’s wonderful.

Been back at it in my own class, doing some review (thanks for the bruises, Teddy Bear), as well as working on some newer stuff – we learned a spin that was spotted in an Oona routine, which I shocked myself by getting fairly quickly, even if I’m not quite as graceful about as Oona. 🙂 Keeping up the work on my aerial…slowly, but surely…and working on my reverse shoulder mount. My regular shoulder mount seems to have up and left me, which I’ll post about soon. I have stretch & flex class tonight, and two lyra classes over the weekend, then pole and stretch & flex next week…then, vacation! Hrm, maybe I can get a decent urban pole photo while I am gone!

My pole-related business venture is inching closer to fruition – I promise to post all of the info as soon as we’re set up! I was also convinced to start work on a creative endeavor related to pole, so once I have more done on that, I’ll share some specifics!

And, finally, some photos from my last lyra class – I am loving it! I can tell that it’s helping cross-condition me, too! Certain pole stuff has been smoother for me, and in general, I’m a little more interested in trying things than I was for the past few months (pole plateau, anyone?). I need to get some new pole pics, but never seem to get around to it. 🙂

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my video! Nice blog! I love hearing about trials & triumphs of pole dancing! Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you! You did such a wonderful job with it! I’ve been walking around for the past few days, hearing the song in my head and catching myself doing little movements from the video!! 🙂 It’s absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to see more – congratulations on it!!!

  2. I love your lyra photos!! So pretty, I’m dying to try it,

    • I adore it!! I really do love it more with each class. It’s coming more easily to me than I expected, but I look forward to continuing to be challenged – it’s always so invigorating to get to learn new moves!! I am hoping my flexibility comes along, so I can really start to get into the flexy tricks!! If you can find a class near you, I definitely recommend it. I’ve been going to Evolve Dance Studio in LA, but I just went to TSNY LA (the Trapeze School in Santa Monica) tonight and really liked the class, too! Any conditioning you have from pole will really help with it.

      • Awesome!! I hear you on flexibility training, I’m at the point where the majority of the moves I have left to learn require a lot of flexibility. My studio offers aerial arts and I’m taking a lyra workshop next week. Can’t wait!!
        Good luck on your flexibility training!

      • Yay! Congrats! Please tell me how you like the lyra class! I know how you feel with the flexibility holding you back from learning certain things – it’s such a point of frustration for me, but I’m finally working toward getting better with it! I tried using a stretching dvd at home (Felix Cane’s dvd), but I’m not as motivated alone as I am in a class. I’ve heard that Alethea’s split stretch video is tough, but really good – would love to try Amy Guion’s video, too (Bendability Fitness, I think).

  3. Melanie Joy Magpayo

    I love the clothing! 🙂

  4. I love the clothings! 🙂

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