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Pole Art 2012

I missed the live stream of Pole Art 2012, courtesy of Pole Ranking (was at a wedding that day), but THANK GOD they have the videos up on their blog!! For a comprehensive video listing of all of the performances, head over to their site – there is written commentary/breakdown of each performance, too.

I am going to embed the top two female competitors – Oona, because she’s awesome and took first place, and Natasha, because she’s so beautiful and came in as the runner up! I love both of their performances – Oona’s athleticism and musicality always blows me away, and I loved that Natasha had a different vibe to what she did in this performance (compared to some of the other performances I have seen).

Oh, and those toe points to flexes on Natasha? LOVE. She nails those little flourishes like nobody else.

The full list of winners:

Female Winner: Oona Kivelä (for the 3rd time!)

Female Runner up: Natasha Wang

Male Winner: Saulo Sarmiento  (the backward jump into the shoulder mount he does at 1:02?! Holy. Crap.)

Male Runner ups: tie between Evgeny Greshylov and Steven Retchless