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Pole Comics

Lately, I’ve posted a couple of comics from Leen Isabel, creator of Pole Dancing Adventures – her stuff is super cute and keeps popping up on Facebook, so I’m sure I’ll post photos again in the future and wanted to be sure to give her a proper shout out! Thanks for the adorable comics about our crazy obsession, Leen!

Happy 4th of July, pole style!

Happy Independence Day to everyone in the US! Saw these photos on my Facebook feed and thought I would repost them here, in celebration of the holiday!


comic by Leen Isabel (Pole Dancing Adventures)




Also, since I am an animal lover and have a side business in pet care, I have to remind everyone that shelters are often flooded with pets after the 4th, because of the fireworks – the noises are super scary and cause a lot of pets to run off. Please keep your pets safe and INDOORS tonight! Make sure they have up to date and legible ID tags (and microchips!).

Be safe, everyone! Xoxo

A little pole comic for your Saturday

Well, that looks about right!


comic by Leen Isabel (Pole Dancing Adventures)