Last night on Facebook, Natasha Wang posted an old video of hers, circa 2009, as part of a Pole Throwback movement. It’s remarkable to see the evolution of her style – the video, which was shot at my pole home, shows a very different style than what she is known for nowadays, and yet, you can see the beginnings of where she was headed, I think. I found it really interesting to watch, being such a fan. Here is the video, and following it, a more recent performance:

One of the things I love about the comparison is that I feel as if I got to watch an artist discover their authentic voice, which is SO COOL. For fun, here is another comparison:

Michelle Stanek

For Michelle, instead of comparing a freestyle and a competition piece, I’m choosing to link to another video she has online, which is more of a performance piece than a competition piece. I think her style is still evident in her performance pieces, though. She’s got incredible elegance in her movement, but is still sexy.

I love this movement. Share your early videos!!! It’s so great to get to see how people evolve as artists and find their authenticity, while still remaining true to their core movement!

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  1. I love these videos, however I wish there were videos of these amazing ladies before they learned all the crazy hard tricks!
    I would love to see their before videos of when they were just starting out, maybe only just started inverting or when they first were able to shoulder mount. It’s hard for me when I look at these because they are pretty much superstars at the beginning. I know everyone learns at a different pace but it would be amazing to actually see how much they have progressed from the start.
    (That would probably be hard to see as not a lot of people like to take videos of themselves in the early stage – like me at the moment! Haha.Videos are scary!)
    Love your blog Danielle! 😀

    • Yeah, it would be cool to see some really old videos from their baby pole years! I think the advent of videotaping everything was probably after their baby years, though – certainly the explosion of social media happened more recently, too. I know that Natasha also began at S Factor, and I don’t even know if they allow taping – most of the girls I know who have gone there don’t really post any videos or photos about it.

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