Back in class; Dangerous Curves; and Pole Life

It’s been a while since I last posted! My hand is still healing, but I am back in class! During my first night back, Drea forbid me from doing anything on my left hand, which took me out of A LOT. I did some odd variations on conditioning, did a few basic inversions on my right, worked on some right handed spins, and Drea spotted me into a new trick – which I did on my left, but since she insisted I not touch the pole at all with that hand, she basically held me up. 🙂 I was back at it again twice this week, both times with Valarie instructing, and I got a little more done – I spotted a lot for another student in one class, doing a little work on my own (mostly to break down some stuff for my pole buddy), and in the other, I did a lot more work on my left hand while conditioning my reverse climb and learning the reverse shoulder mount.

I’ve found that certain tricks don’t really bother my hand – even when I thought they would – and others kill it. Shoulder mount is one of those – something about the pressure involved in cupping the pole with my hands hits directly on the puncture wound on my palm. There is a lot that I can do, though – I still don’t have full range of motion or strength, and direct weight on it is no bueno, but I can hang for the most part!

I just invested in a pole club card, so I can go to class more than once per week. I also picked up 5 aerial silks classes, which I am excited about! I’m going to try to go every other week, so I can mix things up. I still need to restart my yoga groupon (which the studio very kindly put on hold after my injury), too.

It is my hope that adding extra classes will help usher in better control with my work, as well as advance me along in what I’ve been doing. It can be rather frustrating to look around and see gals that start after me, doing more advanced work than I can currently do. But, I also understand that everyone learns differently, and everybody’s bodies respond differently. There are things I can do that others can’t do, so it’s all relative. I think the hand injury hasn’t helped my frustration!

I wanted to share a few things:

First, if you’re in NYC or the East Coast, check out Roz The Diva’s Dangerous Curves show! Tickets are ON SALE now! From the ticket info: Dangerous Curves seeks to highlight the unique contributions of plus size pole athletes. The performer with the most dangerous curves, determined by the audience, will get special recognition at the end of the show.  And of course, no show would be complete without some guest performances along the way.

I wish I was on the east coast, because I WOULD SO BE THERE. This is amazing, and The Diva deserves an epic standing ovation for spearheading it. Lots of love to her, and to all of the women who will be wowing the crowd that night!

Next, I was excited to see a 12 minute trailer for Suzy Q. Williams’ documentary POLE LIFE (thanks to the friend that posted it on my Facebook wall!) – it debuts at the Pole Expo in Vegas, in September. I hope to see it in LA, shortly thereafter. It’s a great thing to share with anyone interested in pole as fitness! Take the time to watch the trailer:

And, finally…this made me giggle. 🙂


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  1. Sooo glad you’re feeling better and that you’re able to do more work in class. }}}vibes{{{ for complete hand healing, soon! 🙂

    I just bought my second Pole Club Card and it’s made a huge difference for me, just having the option to come so much more frequently. Really excited about the potential for an unlimited membership option, as I get up into the higher levels, eventually.

    Most excited about discovering SACRED, via the East Coast event you shared, because even though I’m not staying in Brooklyn, the fact that I’m going to be in NY for nearly two weeks in October means I will need a place to fly. That one looks like it may be the right fit! 🙂 Thank you for sharing the info!

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