Chaps FTW

It’s really weird to not be training. I have no idea what to do with my time. My budget doesn’t really allow for me to go to more classes each week, and I’m notoriously lazy about doing pole at home (short pole, not that stable), so I really have been at a loss since PPC.

I ended up with a private class on Monday night, because every other girl in my night was out for some reason (it was Memorial Day, which I’m sure played a factor). So, Drea was great and helped me with a few different things – I totally kicked her in the face, which I felt SO bad about. I’d like to think I’m not someone who kicks people that often, but who knows – anyway, I felt terrible. I know she gets kicked A LOT, but still – you never want to be that asshole that kicks the teacher in the face. 🙂

I played with the meathook again, working on a hold technique passed along to me by Natasha – it feels better, but it’s hard (the entire thing is hard, though). My armpit grip is pretty strong, while my hand grip sometimes is not – my wrists have been acting up since I started training and aerial conditioning. I’ve never had the strongest wrists, but I had issues with my hands locking up while training – since then, I have only a certain number of solid grips to use each class. I’m hoping that it’ll get better over time. I worked on some shoulder mounts, aerial pencil, etc. I also did the crazy splay leg climb we saw at PPC. 🙂

I have class again Monday, but tonight I went to see Kat perform at Believe Fitness Studio in El Segundo. (I’m writing this post while my video of her performance renders on my laptop.) It was a Girls Night Out sort of thing, where new/prospective students can see performers of all levels/types, as well as have a few drinks, snacks, and shop a bit. It was super crowded, so while I got there early enough to get one of the “free week of pole” spots they were giving out to the first 30 people, I wasn’t able to get a spot in the room for the first half of the performances. But, I got to chat with Kat, and I was in the room for her performance, as well as an amazing doubles aerial hoop (Lyra) performance. I loooooooove watching hoop, and doubles routines are so interesting – I would love to be able to take pole, silks AND Lyra. Oh, Universe…please help me out with affording these classes! 🙂

Since I have three free pole classes at their studio, I’m taking advantage of the two that don’t conflict with my regular class, just to get some extra pole time in. The studio is SO FAR AWAY from where I live that it’s not practical for me to go down there for drop in classes, unfortunately.

On Sunday, I’m also headed out to support Kat – and Drea! – at Girl Next Door at King King in Hollywood. Tickets sell out quickly, so if you haven’t gotten yours, DO EET! Kat’s performance is going to be sick (it’s secret, but I’ve got insider info, and it will be MUST SEE), and Drea is always amazing to watch.

A few fellow Pole Gals started a little secret group on Facebook for some of us to chat, post videos/pics/questions, etc. I posted something today about a fitness challenge I saw online, and it turns out that a few of the gals are interested in joining in and keeping each other accountable! That’s great – I need that! I’m notoriously lazy. 🙂

I know I owe y’all a post about what I learned from PPC – and I promise to write it soon. There’s a slim chance it will be reposted or reprinted elsewhere, so I’ve been holding off until I can think of a good way to frame it before writing it. I did do a breakdown of what I spent – although, I think I lost the post-it I wrote it on (I am a post-it hoarder…it’s a side effect of being a list maker and random note taker) – and it ADDED UP. Holy shit. I did add in expenses that may not have been necessary to add, but still…wow.

Also, I’ll post some of the Alloy Images pics – and maybe video – from PPC as soon as I get them. I got all dorky and bought a Living Social coupon for a custom photo book, so I can get the photos printed in a manner that will keep nicely over time. 🙂

Oh, and the title of this post? Comes from the fact that Kat wore chaps in her performance tonight. It was amazing.

Here’s a cool, short video of Jenyne Butterfly doing some Lyra and pole:

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