Wednesday marked the last of three nights in a row of class, in an attempt to keep conditioning and also running through pieces of my routine. I’d been run down all week, either from vacation recovery (you know…getting back into life, massive amounts of errands, etc) or allergies. Monday’s class went slow for me, but I got some stuff done. Tuesday’s class…I remember doing conditioning for the straight leg splay shoulder mount and doing headstands, in which I realized that I could finally (*finally*) sweep my legs up in one fluid motion, instead of kicking up. That’s huge for me. So much strength that I didn’t have a couple of months ago!!! I was able to work on a spinning pole move that I learned in the class I took the other week, and just play on the spinning pole in general during my freestyle – it helps. More time on it is giving me some more balls with it, which is good. 🙂 Also, one of the girls in Tuesday had this bitchin’ freestyle to a hilarious song from a kid’s tv show – she rocked it. Gotta give her a nod for that!!

Wednesday’s class had more conditioning with certain things – shoulder mount again, for example – but I also worked on meathook, which is still a bit baffling, but I want to see how you would turn it into a dismount transition (that’s a future goal, I guess). I also took another pass at my twisted hand grip conditioning, holding the entry position, then holding the aerial ayesha in it, with Drea spotting me – she didn’t have to do much for the spotting, and while I wasn’t completely solid, I have come far. She gave me hug when I was done, saying how much stronger I’ve become. It’s such a nice thing to feel. I know there’s such a long road to go in terms of being aerial, but these are very important milestones.

She gave me some tough love on Monday about how I invert, telling me to remove a step that was a force of habit, which I no longer needed. I’ve been consciously working on it ever since, taking my time to think before I move. I also took a beat to think about my movement before I went into the twisted hand grip from the inversion position. As Drea had said, it’s good to be selfish and take a beat before you start anything – it’s also good to take the time to hold a trick and enjoy it.

I thought about that and realized it’s a bit of a life lesson, too. How many times do I go rushing through stuff in life? Go, go, go! Okay, doing this, going, done! How many times do we ALL do this? I realized that, in some ways, it might be inhibiting my growth and what I accomplish, because just because I jump to do something doesn’t mean I am doing it correctly or in the best manner possible. This is so true with pole. I’m so eager to try stuff and be able to get through the first pass of the trick (nerves!), and I want so much to be better, that I rush instead of taking the time to get it right. To take my time and be deliberate in my movement is so important to my growth and betterment as a poler. It’s going to be something that I carry with me now – a mental check that I can use from here on out.

Years ago, in my first pole related class, our teacher (who was also a life coach – the classes combined movement with life coaching) pointed out that I was always rushing – I move quickly and talk quickly and think quickly – but her assessment of this was that I was doing much of it to avoid being seen. If I moved quickly, unconsciously, I thought I would go unnoticed. But, as she said, I had to consider the possibility that people already saw me.

Let me tell you…that was dead on. It rocked me when I realized she was right. And, it still holds true. I will catch myself sometimes and realize that I am motoring down the street, and for what reason? One of the things she had us work on was just sitting and BEING. For me, that meant slowing down and being present to A LOT of stuff – and, in movement, I had to work really hard to slow it down. I still am conscious of it to this day, but for some reason, I never connected that I was going fast ON the pole – only in floor work. Kinda crazy to realize it now! But, at least I am now aware of it, accepting of it as part of who I am and something to work on, and interested in moving forward. 🙂

I took today off to work and spend time with my mom, who is in town visiting through the weekend. She’s actually coming with me to a teaser class at my pole studio on Saturday! It was her idea, which I love. I’m a mix of nervous, terrified, and excited – which, really, is all energy of the same kind. 🙂 I’m back to class on Sunday – possibly with a choreo session in the evening – and class Monday. Tuesday is a private lesson, Wednesday is my last class before the competition, and I have another choreo on Thursday. Eep!!! Got word that a major part of my costume will be arriving in time for the competition, which is so great – still need to pick up one piece and check on two that were custom ordered. I went heavy with the costume, but I’m leaning more toward “going all out” than not!

Once the competition is over, I’ll do a tally of what I spent on everything and post it – I did some mental math the other day and…wow. This is not a cheap endeavor! It’s such a learning experience in so many ways, though – love that. 🙂

Also, if you’re looking for a fun workshop, Kat of Pure Delish is teaching one of her infamous Twerkshops tomorrow (Friday 5/11) at 8pm! Follow the link to the invite page for more info! By the way, if you haven’t been in Pure Delish to shop, it is a MUST!

In honor of Kat, here’s her first-ever performance at Girl Next Door, from back in March! She’s supposed to be performing in the June show, which you MUST check out if you can!

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  1. Cannot WAIT to see you tomorrow. Your mom is gonna love this! What a wonderful Mother’s Day treat. 🙂 I’m still so intrigued by the life coach element to the original pole classes you took. Amazing stuff.

    Oh, and a VERY important question about those poles Kat was using in the vid. They don’t appear to be connected to anything at the top. Is that right? That would terrify me! WOW!

    Thank you for all the nonstop inspiration!

    • I’m excited to see you, too! I was showing my mom some of the warm up moves today, and a few too many YouTube videos…hope she’s prepared!

      Tara’s classes were really special – I count myself SO lucky to have found her. I still think about and apply things she taught me. The only other person who has had that kind of impact on me is my longtime acting coach, who acted as teacher, coach, friend, mentor, and more to many of us. (He’s off in Zimbabwe for another year, where his wife is working at an international school, so we’re all a little lost without him!) I could go on and on about both of them and the incredible impact they had on me as person (not even as an artist, although I could go on for equally long about that side of things).

      You are right about the poles Kat was using – they are free-standing stage poles, meant to be portable. X-Pole makes them – I think she’s using 45mm X-Stage Lites, but it could be a Platinum Stages version. I’ve seen those poles with stages of different heights on the bases, but the height of the pole itself seems to be in the 10 foot range or so. Kat owns one (X-Pole Lite), but doesn’t set it up in her little studio in the back of Pure Delish unless she needs to practice on it specifically (i.e. running her routine for the show). It takes some getting used to, that’s for sure – it is quite wobbly, which is disconcerting. I’ve played on hers – I was watching her rehearsals for the performance in that video – and found it to be an adjustment. 45mm is ALSO an adjustment – the poles at PG are 50mm, although Drea just had a 45mm installed in the far corner (opposite the spinning pole). The main difference there is the grip adjustment – your leg grips and climbs require more thought and strength, but it can be a lot easier for aerial hand grips because the diameter is smaller and allows for smaller hands to get a better purchase. I still prefer a 50mm for stability, but I’m learning how to adjust to the 45mm as I go. I had to learn for the competition, because those poles are 45mm. (Side note: there is also now a 38mm on the market, but it’s not popular yet – I’ve never seen one in person!)

      Here is a link to the X-Pole site for their stage poles:

      Platinum Stages also makes a version of a similar stage/pole combo (as well as other options), and they now have an option to make the stage panels light up, which I find interesting, but ultimately distracting: And here is a grainy video of someone dancing on the light up stage version:

      • I used the 45mm its first day in TPG, because I figured, “Well, I’m not yet good enough at 50mm to feel like it’s an issue, most likely,” and that was true. Meaning, I’m not yet doing many things that are climb-centric, so I kind of love the 45mm, for its badassery for hand gripping, which is really all I’m doing so far.

        Of course, I had that same mindset when I attempted the spinning pole for the first time last night and it did not go as well. :\

        I’m making it a point to do the 45mm each time I’m there, at least for my “screwdriver to genie combo,” if not in the freestyle dance at the end of class, at least at some point during the class. I figure it can’t hurt to get used to it, as I’m really not used to ANYTHING yet. 🙂

        Tomorrow is gonna be awesome. I can’t wait — whenever we can coordinate it — to spend time talking about these amazing coaches in your life, because I can certainly see how even my pole experience has transformed me in short order. THANK YOU for that last big push. It so made a difference (obviously). I’m excited every day!

        Cannot WAIT to see your work on 5/19, and to get a sneak preview tomorrow, of course. 😉 XO

      • It’s very smart to keep trying the new poles each class – bit by bit, you’ll get the hang of it. While I’ve done a bit on spinning, I’m learning that I haven’t worked on it nearly enough and wishing I’d committed to a little bit in each class when I was newer to pole. The 45mm has some benefits, but I’m split on which I like better at this point!

        You’re so welcome!!! When you are back from NY, let me know, and we’ll make time to get together and talk properly about the coaching and whatnot. I would love to share anything I can with you! XOXOXOX

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