So, today was my first “official” spinning pole class. We learn tricks and poses on the spinning pole in my usual class, but most of our focus is on the proper breakdown of tricks, transitions, and poses, as well as the build into taking things aerial. I decided to take one class that was just spinning pole, so I could pick up some tips, possibly some tricks, and start to feel a little more at home with it.

Overall, I’m glad I took the class – I learned a few tricks I can throw into the mix (maybe not for my routine, but in general), and I got a great workout – I really pushed myself to get up on the pole and run through my tricks for my routine during the downtime between trying the tricks the instructor gave us to do. I did get to try a variation on a trick I’ve seen and wanted to try, so that was great – and I got to try a variation of the meathook, which we’re scheduled to learn next week in my regular class – I didn’t get a great breakdown on it in the class, but I was able to watch and try some stuff with it.

I worked my ass off as far as cardio went – so important for endurance/stamina! It’s something I have long needed to work on and improve, so I’m really happy about it. I was incredibly tired by the end, but still made myself work on things and try stuff, just to keep it up. Sadly, though, it means that I got sloppy with my technique, because I was exhausted. The result? Some truly spectacular bruises, the likes of which I haven’t seen in almost a year!

Tomorrow will most likely be spent working on conditioning to refine some of my transitions (and minimize the clunkiness that happens when I rush/am tired). I’m really hopeful that I’ll make some strides forward in what I can do by the time of competition, both for the benefit of my performance, but also for my own personal growth with pole. I got into this to get better, so hoping it pays off! I know it already has – I can shoulder mount now, and I couldn’t before!

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