Someone posted this article on the Pacific Pole Competitors Facebook Group Page – thought it was worth reposting:

It’s not that I forget that I’m actually competing against other gals…but, I kind of DO forget it. I’m more concerned with what I’m doing – improving my technique, getting stronger, having a routine that makes sense, not falling off the pole from 10 feet up, etc.

I don’t know how to say this and not sound negative, but I don’t really expect to place in the event. There appears to be a smaller group of competitors in my particular division, which I guess improves all of our odds – I even know one girl, from the studio – but I don’t underestimate anyone’s ability…nor do I overestimate my own. I’m more concerned with not looking like a jackass than I am with whether or not I take any prize home. Would it be nice? Have I occasionally gotten lost in the idea of it while sitting in traffic? Sure. But, in reality, I just want to be able to feel that I did well on my own terms. I’m not overreaching with my tricks or trying to cram in anything that I don’t think I can absolutely nail. I’m playing what I think are my strengths and committing to making those as strong as I can before I get on stage.

Doing what is yours to do is an important part of any endeavor that could place you in competition with others – you can’t control anything else, so spending as little time as possible worrying about it is the best plan.

I got into this thing to challenge myself. I wanted to be better overall and learn…and maybe lose a little weight/get in better shape as well. 🙂 Not gonna lie about that aspect. I’m trying to remain realistic about it. We’ll see how that goes…

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