Shoulder Mount…and GO!

For at least the last nine months, the shoulder mount as been my nemesis. Well, I have a few – keyhole, I’m looking at you – but that fucking trick…ugh. I would try for a few weeks, then give up and revisit it a month later…nothing. I think I got up once in six months and surprised myself so much when it happened that I almost fell. 🙂

Each week recently, I’ve been trying it, just to condition my poor shoulder to take the hit. And…I’ve been hitting it. It ain’t pretty, but I’m doing it. I usually only have one, maybe two in me per day, but I hit three today!!

This might not sound like much, but it’s a HUGE deal to me. It is a sign that I am getting stronger, which is SO important to my progress with pole. AND, I did the twisted handgrip pencil without major spotting (someone holding me) – it wasn’t super clean and wasn’t for very long, but it’s progress. Such important steps!!

Not much else to report for tonight – had a good class today (did a make up class), with a rockin’ freestyle. I had soooooooooo much fun with it – was just really feeling the song I chose and let go with it (see below). Letting go is ideal for freestyle/floor work. I did a ton of floor work during it, then threw in a demo of something that might be in my pole run for the competition, just to work on it. It was SUCH a work out – definitely going to be throwing more freestyle into my training, for stamina and endurance purposes.

No new bruises tonight, other than the usual one of the top of my foot – it was really worked hard by the transitions workshop I did the other night, which was mostly climbing variations and tricks that come as you climb…

climbing bruise

I was beat by the end of it – Drea really kicked my ass – but was still able to demo the Cupid’s Bow for the other girls (I was the furthest along in the curriculum of the studio), so that was a nice moment – reminded me that I’m getting better with my endurance. However, I did go home and slather Ben Gay on my forearms. 🙂

Speaking of…I have some freaky new muscles on those forearms!! 🙂

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